Rex Airlines has been named Australia’s most reliable airline just days before its first flights to Perth from Melbourne and Adelaide.

In a report released this month by the Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics (BITRE), it was found that Rex topped both Qantas and Virgin when it came to rates of cancellations and delays.

According to BITRE, more than 99 percent of Rex scheduled domestic flights took off in May, with just 0.6 percent of Boeing 737 services cancelled overall.

Equally, Rex flights boasted an impressive 85.5 percent on-time departure rate, compared to 79.2 percent for Virgin and 81.1 percent for Qantas. When looking at on-time arrivals, BITRE calculated that 83 percent of Rex flights touched down at the scheduled arrival time, ahead of 77.9 percent of Virgin flights and 79.5 percent of Qantas flights 

During the period of May 2024, Rex scored higher than average for on-time arrivals, on-time departures and cancellation rates when compared to a total of nine major Australian airlines. 

Rex was established in 2002, and has been committed to providing regional air services to Australian passengers ever since.

The company is committed to offering safe and reliable air travel, constantly working to reduce fare prices and collaborating with rural communities.



Eyes on the skies  

Beginning in June, Australia’s largest independent regional airline will offer flights from Melbourne and Adelaide to Perth. According to Perth Airports Chief Commercial and Aviation Officer Kate Holsgrove, these new routes promise more opportunity for tourism and travel.

“The introduction of Rex’s first interstate routes is a sure sign of their confidence in the Perth market,” she says. “This gives Western Australians more options for travel.” 

Rex flies to over 60 destinations in every Australian state and territory, making it an affordable and reliable way to journey across the country.


Rex’s first 737 passenger flight


Rex Chairman, the Hon John Sharp AM, says the BITRE results reflect the hard work and dedication of Rex staff, an encouraging reality in the days before the airline launches its inaugural flights to Perth. 

“We are excited to be bringing out jets to Perth and cannot wait for passengers on our new services to WA to experience the country style hospitality Rex is famous for,” says Mr Sharp.

“Our staff and crew always go above and beyond for our passengers and that dedication and diligence is reflected in these latest figures, when you compare us to the major carriers.

“Every time Rex enters a new domestic market there has been downward pressure on airfares, so our message to Australians is, if you want competition, all you have to do is support it.”

As part of the launch of its flights to Perth, Rex unveiled a $99 sale fare, confirmed by the Australian Airports Association to be the cheapest flights to Perth in almost 15 years. Similarly, standard fares were deemed the lowest in a decade.

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