Surviving and thriving in a digital world where connectedness is in crisis requires a new approach, AFL Legend Kevin Sheedy discusses ahead of The Tax Summit 2023.


According to Gartner research, only 1 in 4 employees feels genuinely connected to their organisation’s culture. The absence of traditional elements such as the physical office, proximity and shared experiences has posed significant challenges for leaders aiming to foster camaraderie and collaboration in the workplace.

Ahead of his keynote speech at The Tax Summit 2023, The Tax Institute, AFL Legend Kevin Sheedy reveals his unique perspective on the nexus between winning in business and the sporting arena promises to be invaluable.

Sheedy, a highly sought-after media commentator, accomplished author and renowned keynote speaker, stands as a distinguished figure in Australian sport. With a remarkable career spanning player, coach and innovator roles, he is celebrated not only for his on-field exploits but also for his unwavering passion and leadership.


Self-development, much like training for a championship, is the ultimate game of honing your skills and unlocking your full potential.


Here are his game-changing tips all leaders can action today to successfully adapt to the future of work.


1. Unleash your inner champion

Self-development, much like training for a championship, is the ultimate game of honing your skills and unlocking your full potential. Just as athletes invest countless hours perfecting their techniques and strategies, individuals striving for personal growth commit to a relentless pursuit of excellence. What remote work has done is given the axe to the daily commute. That’s upwards of an hour you get back in your day to work on self-development, and for leaders, it’s an hour more of productivity to get out of your team.


2. Build a winning team

Just as successful sports teams thrive on a mix of players with various skills and strengths, fostering diversity in any group brings a winning edge. You must select people that will take your business into the future. And once you have them, look out for them – a healthy person is a healthy business.


3. Create a future-focused game plan

By staying future-focused, you elevate yourself to the ranks of the sports legends who not only perform at their best in the moment but also leave a lasting impact on the game and inspire others for generations to come. Plan for success in life. Get out there and make things happen. Find out how good you can be.


Create a future-focused game plan to leave a lasting impact and inspire the next generation.


“The great challenge for all leaders across the board is building successful teams from a distance in hybrid work environments. I’m from a sporting background where teams are extremely highly motivated because they’re measured each week by the press. Fortunately for the typical workforce, that’s not the case. To keep motivation high, you have to be creative as a leader. You have to keep everyone inspired,” Sheedy said.

“I’m thrilled to present at The Tax Summit 2023 because it’s a place of collective innovation that moves the dial. It helps us all. It provides an opportunity for us to get in a room together and discuss what we can do better, smarter and how we can plan for the future of our country.”


The Tax Summit

The Tax Institute’s President, and Chair of The Tax Summit Organising Committee, Marg Marshall, said, “We are delighted to have Kevin join us at The Tax Summit 2023 event. As our closing keynote speaker, everyone will benefit from the inspiring thoughts of this legendary presenter.

“This three-day experience is a unique opportunity to experience genuine connection in-person and face-to-face with fellow practitioners while exploring perspectives from around the world of tax. We gather to ‘spark change’ and shape a brighter future together.”

Sheedy joins a compelling speaker lineup of the nation’s most forward-thinking minds, including Karen Payne, CTA, Inspector-General of Taxation and Taxation Ombudsmen; David Thodey, AO, Chair of Xero, Director and Chair in waiting at Ramsay; Victoria Lanyon, Senior Associate at King & Wood Mallesons; and many more. Held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC), The Tax Summit 2023 brings together taxation specialists, lawyers, accountants, newcomer tax professionals and business leaders as well as anyone with an interest in the latest issues impacting businesses on a local and global scale.

The Tax Institute is the leading forum for the tax community in Australia. It is committed to furthering tax education, representing its members and continuously improving the tax system for the benefit of all.

Register now to hear more insights from Sheedy at The Tax Summit. And for more information on The Tax Summit and its line-up of more than 70 expert speakers, covering topics including economics, property, business, global tax developments and technology, please see the full program or get in touch.



About Kevin Sheedy

Kevin Sheedy has an impressive record in Australian football as player and coach, but despite his epic achievements in these roles, his most profound influence may be the innovations he proposed and supported. He has left an indelible mark on the game.

Kevin Sheedy played 251 games with Richmond between 1967 and 1979. He was a member of three Premiership sides (1969, ’73, ’74) was club Best and Fairest in 1976 and captain in 1978. He was selected in eight Victorian state teams. At his retirement some commentators observed that his considerable achievements were due not so much to abundant natural talent but to determination and the thoughtful application of his abilities.

This ability to analyse quickly became evident when he took over as coach of Essendon in 1981 and began building the sides that won Premierships in 1984 and 1985. He went on to coach Essendon for 27 years, playing in the finals on 19 of those years, for seven Grand Final appearances and four Premierships (’84, ’85, ’93, 2000). His coaching record stands at 386 wins, 242 losses, and seven draws. He coached the Victorian side in 1986 and the Australian teams in the International Rules competitions of 2005 and 2006.

About The Tax Institute

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