These Australian charities are all about supporting those in need by getting the community involved, whether it be through donating or volunteering.

They believe that by working together, we can make a positive difference to the lives of people around us. So how can you help these Australian charities and make the world a better place?


On My Feet

On My Feet is a volunteer-run Australian charity which helps those experiencing homelessness to find work and shelter. It was started in 2014 by Keegan Crage and has now expanded into a major organisation based in both Perth and Melbourne.

The charity aims to help people experiencing homelessness move from ‘shelter to self-sufficiency’ through their Footsteps Program. The six-month program provides education, exercise opportunities and employment skills training to participants through weekly meetings, providing people with the skills they need to get back on their feet – whether it be through improved mental health, financial stability or something else entirely.



To fund this successful program, the charity sells socks which are packaged and mailed by former Footsteps participants. This means that for every pair of socks you buy, you are providing someone with a job, and funding future participants on their journey to stability. Graduates from the program acquire all the skills they need to be job ready, seek long-term housing and improve their mental health.

This amazing not-for-profit also encourages schools to participate in workshops where they break down stereotypes around homelessness and teach students how to engage with the community. The focus of these sessions is teaching young people how to be community leaders and helping them to acknowledge that leaders can come from all parts of society. Many schools have gone on to complete their own fundraising drives, with proceeds going straight to helping those in need.

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Period poverty is an issue that effects women around the world, and TABOO is hoping to change that. They sell organic and sustainable sanitary products to Australian customers, and then donate 100 percent of the profits to their partner, One Girl, an organisation which runs programs in Sierra Leone and Uganda to keep girls in school and women employed. Both organisations want to educate women on how to deal with their period in a hygienic and culturally appropriate way.

TABOO also offers the opportunity to purchase period products for people suffering from period poverty in Australia. At risk groups include Indigenous communities, school children, people experiencing homelessness, those fleeing domestic violence and more. By donating sanitary products, those at risk are able to stay healthy and engage in the community, whether they are on their period or not.


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In 2019 and 2020 alone, TABOO donated 1,065 boxes of sanitary products to those in need. They also organised presentations at schools to break down stigma surrounding periods and help Aussie youths understand the common struggle to access necessary sanitary products.

TABOO wants to bring an end to period poverty, and they are doing it one box at a time.

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Edmund Rice Camps

Edmund Rice Camps is an organisation all about supporting young people who have suffered from challenges and trauma. They want children to feel seen and heard by providing them with a safe and happy environment where they can learn new skills and engage with others.

To achieve this, they offer week-long and weekend camps for children who may not be able to afford or access similar opportunities under normal circumstances. These camps are designed and run by youth leaders, who act as friends and mentors, guiding participants through team-building exercises and activities.


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The main goal of Edmund Rice Camps is mentoring and support for young people. They hope that by giving them the opportunity to thrive in a protective environment, kids will be able to challenge themselves and grow as individuals. The camps are all about celebrating diversity and trying new things.

Each camp also provides food and accommodation. Community members are encouraged to nominate children in their area who are suffering or unable to access support. The team then ensures those most in need are given the chance to experience this camping opportunity. It’s exciting and engaging for young people, but it also teaches them important life skills so they can go on to thrive.

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