This August, we are introducing the first Aussie-made trade fair. Held at Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush, the Made in Australia Show is Australia’s first dedicated business-to-business trade event, featuring the best of Australian makers and designers. 

Authentic Australian businesses matter

There is a growing interest in consumers buying Australian-made products. This show offers a professional platform for buyers to find genuine Aussie-made products, across a range of categories: from homewares, fashion, kids, beauty and lifestyle, all conveniently located in one place. 

Marie Kinsella, Director of IEC Group Australia and the organiser of the show, shares that the organising committee hopes to achieve a real change in buying habits and introduce an exciting biennial fair to retailers and corporate buyers: “Australian designers and makers have extraordinary talent. Previously many were forced to produce and create overseas due to minimal capacity and costs here in Australia. The focus is back on being made right here, mainly driven by consumer demand, and this event celebrates and showcases the talent and depth Australia can offer to retailers and consumers.” 

The team are constantly seeking and hearing about new and fresh Australian-made companies and designers for this show. Alongside these new businesses, the event will also have many established and iconic Australian brands exhibiting such as Emu Australia, Corband and Blair or Thurlby and Pollen Australia. Moreover, it is also running concurrently with Fashion Exposed, a long-running and highly successful trade fashion event. Therefore, buyers will be offered the dual opportunity to discover a wide range of new products for their stores!


Made in Australia trade fair

Made in Australia Sydney


How COVID-19 has affected Australian businesses

Organising this show “is a brave step in many ways during such challenging times,” says Marie. With the COVID-19 pandemic, all industries, businesses and workers in Australia have been directly affected over the last two years. “There has been a lot of pressure on the international supply chain throughout the pandemic with no sign of it easing. Like so many other aspects of the pandemic, it’s incredibly challenging to predict how a system as complex as the global supply chain will rebound. Some experts have suggested it could be as late as 2025 before key issues in the supply chain are finally resolved,” Marie says.

“This should give our retail buyers confidence when ordering from the Made in Australia Show that the exhibiting companies’ products will not be hindered from delivery as they are not subject to the same challenges as those who import directly. Furthermore, geographical proximity means that you can receive items faster in most cases than ordering the same product produced overseas.”

Marie Kinsella, Director of IEC Group Australia and the organiser of the show


 Made in Australia Show’s impact

First-time exhibitor, PJ Caruso from To the Playground, who make and create sustainable kids craft projects, shared that being a part of this event really captured his imagination: “I loved the fact that its focus was the same as mine and that it gave smaller operators like myself the chance to shine.”

Even though the Made in Australia Show is being introduced for the first time, it’s already received a wave of support as it is offering something different to invigorate our retail landscape. With its potential, Marie shared that as consumer and retail demand grows, they will offer even more categories. “Long-term, I also aim to promote the show internationally, ensuring the Made in Australia Show is a must-attend event in the business-to-business buying schedule!” Marie says.

From 14-15 August 2022, the Made in Australia fair is guaranteed to bring together Australia’s best in the business and have huge numbers stamping their feet in support of Australian businesses! Find out more about this Made in Australia Show here!


Many innovative and exciting Aussie businesses will be at the show.

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