Rex Airlines has been named Australia’s most reliable airline for the 17th consecutive month.

The Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics (BITRE) conducts regular investigations into the operations of Australia’s major airlines, in order to support customers in making the best travel decisions. 

In February 2024, Rex was again labelled as the most reliable airline in the country for the 17th month in a row. In fact, the on-time departure rate for Rex Airlines flights was calculated at more than 80 percent, while Virgin acheived a domestic rate of 74.1 percent and Qantas recorded 71.7 percent.

Additionally, cancellation rates on Rex flights were only 1.9 percent, while the Qantas domestic cancellation rate was 100 percent more and Virgin’s rate was 50 percent more.

According to Neville Howell, Rex’s Chief Operating Officer, “Rex’s outstanding reliability in an extremely challenging aviation environment is a testament to the indefatigable team at Rex who work tirelessly every day to eliminate or reduce disruptions.” 

“We will continue to do so to thank the increasing number of Australians who have now made Rex the airline of choice.” 

The announcement comes after Rex recently finalised a partnership with Etihad Airways, facilitating connectivity between Rex regional ports and Etihad’s large global network. 


Rex Boeing 737


Rex is Australia’s largest independent regional and domestic airline, operating a fleet of 57 aircraft to 56 unique locations. According to the Customer Charter, Rex believes in “providing sustainable, essential regional and domestic air services through our commitment to safety, simplicity, reliability and good value.”

Rex also helps to connect regional communities who would otherwise struggle with disrupted operations. It aims to maintain a reasonable price, ensuring services are accessible for all.

These features are emphasised in the Rex Value Statement, which reveals that the airline is “mindful of the tremendous social and economic impact its services have on regional communities and works in partnership with these communities to balance their needs against our commercial imperatives.” 

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