Straight To The Source, the brainchild of leading food industry experts Tawnya Bahr and Lucy Allon, brings growers, buyers and makers together in a new online directory for Australia produce.

The notion to “support local” has never been more prevalent than it is now. As the ability to import quality, affordable COVID-safe goods from overseas becomes increasingly challenging, Australians are being encouraged to shop closer to home. “Buy local” is a message that the team at Straight To The Source have been championing since 2012 when the two founding partners identified an alarming chasm between producers and consumers in Australia.

“We’ve been hearing for years what a challenge it is for producers to get their product, brand or destinations in front of the right people,” says co-founder Tawnya Bahr. As a leading food expert, executive chef and advocate for Australian producers, Tawnya’s mission has always been to leverage the vast network she has amassed in her 23-year career to connect primary and artisan producers with people who truly value their food, where it comes from and who is responsible for it.

The second brain behind the brand is Lucy Allon, whose 20 years in the food industry has seen her work alongside leading chefs and restaurateurs such as Maggie Beer, Matt Moran and Neil Perry. From owning and managing three award-winning restaurants in Sydney to countless appearances as a panelist for some of the most highly regarded industry events in the world, Lucy’s insider knowledge and contacts are a core pillar for the operation.

Established in 2012, Straight To The Source began offering food tours and workshops in regional areas to educate their growing community of chefs, food industry professionals and discerning foodies about sustainability produced goods in Australia. Destinations such as the Grampians, Eyre Peninsula and Macleay Valley have previously played host to these highly educational experiences. However, when COVID-19 hit, all tours and face-to-face operations had to cease, sending Tawnya and Lucy back to the drawing board.

Straight to the source

Straight To The Source goes digital

From mighty challenges new opportunities grow and soon Straight To The Source was manifested in a new form – an online directory connecting producers, chefs and foodies alike. The platform highlights the exceptional offerings of both Australian and New Zealand producers as well as covering up-to-date industry news to keep their audience informed about new ingredients, emerging food industries and sustainability and innovation.

“We are committed to providing interesting stories and little snippets from growers and producers, as well as industry updates from chefs, retailers, the land and sea to keep our audience engaged and people returning to the site for purposes other than to search for producers and products within the directory,” says Lucy.

With tours and workshops set to resume in 2021, the robust offerings from Straight To The Source will no doubt solidify its position and prominence in the Australian food scene. To find out more, visit