An award winning design is improving safety and efficiency on construction sites.

The design, known as Quadshore, will vastly improve security on temporary construction works. Already, it’s making waves on the international stage, highlighting the accomplishments of Aussie engineers.



The design 

Quadshore is a collaboration between Monash University and Coates Engineering Solutions. It is made using high-strength steel, and has been designed as a propping solution in temporary construction sites. 

The product is lightweight, yet has a working load limit of up to 170 tonnes. This makes Quadshore the lightest heavy-duty structural propping system in the world. 

Research has been conducted over the past 10 years by students and staff at Monash’s Civil Engineering Department. Recently, PhD student Dr Esmaeil Pournamazin Najafabadi worked on addressing the challenges of heavy conventional props.

“Our research has shown that by using high-strength steel we have been able to enhance the sustainability credentials of temporary structures where the carbon emission and energy consumption for manufacturing of Quadshore beams is at least 30 per cent lower than conventional props,” says Amin Heidarpour, lead academic researcher and Associate Professor from Monash University’s Department of Civil Engineering.

“Industry benchmarks have measured the success of our product in terms of construction time, cost saving, safety enhancing features and sustainability credentials.” 

“The lightweight feature of Quadshore will result in a lower carbon footprint with cheaper transport costs and less shipping and handling fees. The speed of installation also means improved productivity for our construction industry.”


A figure of Quadshore, as designed by experts from Monash University


The result 

According to Associate Professor Heidarpour, this is the first time high-strength steel has been used in this capacity. Due to its low plasticity, the material hasn’t been effectively introduced into temporary structures, but that’s all about to change.

“Quadshore contains hybrid components that creatively maximises optimum use of both high-strength and mild-steel to create lightweight, high-strength structural elements and boltless connections.”

“The unique experimental facilities and lab environment at Monash’s Civil Engineering Department allowed our team to undertake the experimental tests on this product that replicated its behaviour in real-world settings.” 

Recently, the team undertook several rigorous experiments to test the strength and reliability of the design. They were examined at material, component and system levels, all in accordance with Australian Safety Standards. The tests proved that Quadshore has several societal, economic and environmental benefits.



And the design is being recognised by the wider design and construction industry as well. The design received the ‘Innovation of the Year Award’ at the World Steel Association’s International Constructsteel Awards 2023. Similarly, it was also presented with the Good Design Award Gold Winner Accolade. Both awards emphasise the incredible value of this project, and the amazing work of Monash’s team in constructing and designing this project. 

The scientists believe that introducing Quadshore to the construction industry will allow for safer and more efficient production, while also looking out for the environment. The next step will be commercialisation, to deliver the product to construction businesses across the country. 

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