Across the country, Australian communities are constantly coming together to help those in need.

Whether it’s to provide for those less fortunate, or to save animals in trouble, these charities are examples of the power we have when we work together for a brighter future. 


Aussie Charities

For every meal purchased at Two Good Co, another meal is donated to a local women’s refuge for domestic violence. Image: Two Good Co.


Two Good Co

For every meal purchased at Two Good Co, another meal is donated to a local women’s refuge for domestic violence. This amazing charity project began ten years ago as a soup kitchen in a church. Inspired by their ability to help those in need, this quickly developed into the “buy one, give one” model used today, so you can enjoy a hearty and delicious meal while giving back to those who are less fortunate.

Two Good Co was launched in 2015, and has now delivered over 184,000 meals across Sydney and Melbourne. Their menu is chef-designed, using high-quality ingredients for amazing results, and all made to order. The leading chefs helping to create these meals include household names like Maggie Beer, Kylie Kwong and Neil Perry, who provide the recipes which Two Good Co’s meals are based on. 

The charity also helps to provide employment opportunities to women from the shelters through their Work Work program. Partnering with social workers, Two Good Co pays these women to prepare their meals, as well as finding pathways for future employment. This has led to over 35,000 hours of paid work for women in need. 

As well as delicious meals, they also sell personal care products including soap and shampoo, made from 100 per cent Australian, natural ingredients. Using the money raised from these care products, Two Good Co donates care packages to women in shelters, helping to spread love and comfort. 

Their philosophy is simple: food is more than food. It can bring people together, it can provide comfort and it can make a difference. To help, you can simply purchase a meal from their website, and they will make sure that the same meal is delivered to one of their partners around the country.

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One of the most ‘pawsitive’ Aussie charities, Friends of the Hound rescues and fosters ex-racing greyhounds. Image: Friends of the Hound.


Friends of the Hound 

Friends of the Hound is the charity that rescues and finds companion homes for greyhounds from the racing industry. According to the Special Commission of Inquiry into Greyhound Racing, between 50 to 70 per cent of greyhounds bred for the commercial betting industry in NSW in 2016 were killed after being deemed uncompetitive as racing dogs. 

While still racing, these animals are kept in cages, forced to run under stressful conditions and constantly put at risk of serious harm or death. 

At Friends of the Hound, their mission is to put an end to this horrible cycle and create more public awareness. Each year, they help to save around 250 dogs, worming and desexing the greyhounds under their care, as well as providing surgery for any serious injuries. 

All greyhounds receive their own coat, collar, lead, toy, tag and muzzle to make them feel more comfortable in any home they may end up in. 

As a volunteer-based, not-for-profit organisation, the charity relies solely on the generosity and support of the community. Greyhounds are calm and sensitive animals who are sociable and mix well with other pets. Through a program of promotion and education, Friends of the Hound aims to dispel any misconceptions about greyhounds and rally support for these animals in need. By adopting one of these beautiful animals, you can help Friends of the Hound continue to protect and rehabilitate these dogs, as they’ve done with over 3,000 greyhounds so far. 

The organisation has over 18 years experience in reducing and protecting greyhounds. They work tirelessly to ensure these greyhounds find suitable, permanent homes as family pets and companions. 

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Deadly Science an awesome Aussie charity engaging kids in STEM. Image: Deadly Science.


Deadly Science 

Deadly Science is all about promoting children’s interest and engagement with science. They provide science resources, mentoring, and training to over 180 remote and regional schools, with a focus on Indigenous communities. This includes sending over 16,000 books and 700 telescopes to communities all over Australia, ensuring all young people have equal access to STEM learning and the opportunities that come with it. 

The idea for this charity started when founder Corey Tutt realised just how little scientific resources were being dedicated to remote schools. He picked up a second job to buy and deliver books from his own pocket, and this quickly turned into a fully fledged company.

Today, Deadly Science aims to encourage Indigenous people in STEM to innovate and discover. They want to celebrate what our first scientists have achieved, and what they will continue to achieve into the future. Schools who get involved with the program have reported a massive increase in engagement with STEM, as well as higher overall attendance levels. Deadly Science believes that science is a lifelong pursuit, one which helps to advance knowledge and creativity. They want to ensure all children have equal access to this chance to grow and learn, no matter where they come from.

And now, inspired by the philosophy of Deadly Science, Tutt and his team are working on Deadly Labs. This project will develop and distribute in-class experimental kits for children in remote communities. Each kit will contain an experiment, activity worksheet and a video featuring an expert scientist, allowing kids to immerse themselves in the world of experimentation and documentation.

By donating to DeadlyScience, you will be ensuring that remote and regional schools are supplied with all the tools they need to teach an amazing science curriculum, and inspiring kids to think bigger and dream higher. 

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