The look into the new renovation Dream Home How-To book from Bonnie, Erin and Lana at Three Birds Renovations.

The second book from Three Birds Renovations (TBR) brings visual inspiration to readers. The book channels a mix of different renovation styles for all; from the Hamptons to an Aussie staycation, contemporary cottages and bold extensions.

The ‘three birds’ have been best friends for most of their lives. Together, they have witnessed marriages, families and careers. For Lana, Erin and Bonnie, a leap of faith in 2014 was all it took for TBR to buy, renovate and sell their first property.

In pursuit of a more fulfilling life, TBR began with a desire to be their own boss. Spending more time with family and exercising their visions as designers and creatives was the secret code to happiness for the three ladies.  


Bonnie is the Creative Director at TBR. The book: Dream Home How-To, is the ladies second renovation book after the first (three birds renovations) was such a success.

“I never studied design. I grew up in a family that constantly flipped homes,” said Bonnie.

“My parents (in their 70s) are very hard to slow down and are still renovating homes now. So, I guess I learnt a lot from them from a very young age living through each renovation.”

Feature ceilings, glass barn-door sliders and blush coloured double grout, their second book takes readers step-by-step through the entire design and renovation process from the front door to the backyard.

Reno before picture
Three Birds Renovations (Before)
Three Birds renovation after shot
Three Birds Renovations (After)

Bonnie says, “Sometimes renovating an amazing outdoor entertaining/ pool area can trump inside for some people especially if you love a summer alfresco cocktail or two. But, for the majority renovating inside the home will be more important to them and their lifestyle.”

Her favourite room in the home is the bedroom – “It’s where I hide from my four boys!”


Lana is the Marketing Director and as one of the three birds, her unstoppable energy doesn’t go unnoticed in group projects. Lana led the design and renovation of #santorinisydney, her own forever home.

In terms of starting a business, the three birds had no grand business plans. They began with a small project, committing to flipping only one property and seeing how it went.

“From there the business organically grew very quickly. It was clear we had tapped into something a lot of women like ourselves were interested in – real estate, dream homes, working for yourself, working with your best friends and doing something you love,” said Lana.

Outdoor design
Design tips from the book say curves outside create a connection to the inside of the home.

 As part of their business model of teaching, the ladies also host an online platform named The Reno School where students learn design, renovation and building skills in a supportive online environment.

Lana said, “We’re absolutely loving seeing the amazing results our Reno School and Styling School students are achieving. It’s the most rewarding part of our job to see other women (and some men) making changes to their homes that make them feel great.  And there are some really talented students out there – they’re producing jaw-dropping transformations… so we’d like to start sharing more of those amazing projects with our audience. The more inspiration we can provide the better.”

Out of the many stressful elements of operating a business, Lana says working with her best friends is of the least concern. If anything, it’s taught her about the importance of connection in a working environment.

“I think business is challenging no matter what and, in some ways, it is made easier working with your friends and in other ways, it can be harder. One thing I’ve realised is that you can’t take relationships for granted – you still need to work on building relationships with your colleagues even if they are your close friends. The working relationship needs work too.”

Book Cover
The book cover for Dream Home How-To, the second renovation book that’s soon to be published.

The official launch of their new book is in November 2021 with customers able to place their pre-orders already for delivery all over the world. The next intake of their online Reno school starts in February next year where budding renovators will have to join the waitlist online.

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