Next Generation drone from Quantum Systems expands operational capabilities, reduces risk and provides industry-leading aerial intelligence. 

Position Partners is pleased to announce the availability of Quantum Systems’ new Trinity Pro remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) for the Australian and New Zealand market. 

The new model, with its broad range of sensors, further improves the ROI from its highly successful predecessor the Trinity F90+, and firmly places itself as the premier fixed-wing VTOL drone. 

“Having seen the new model in action during an exclusive distributor pre-release event in Germany last week, the team at Position Partners is excited to introduce this high-performance VTOL solution to our local market,” said Gavin Docherty, RPAS Product Manager at Position Partners, Quantum Systems’ Australian and New Zealand distributor. 


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Addressing the ever-changing needs of the commercial market 

The Trinity Pro, with its state-of-the-art flight control system, allows for continued adaptation and evolution to meet ever-changing industry requirements. 

Designed with the needs of tomorrow’s data consumers in mind, the Trinity Pro provides an expanded feature set, capturing and delivering more data in less time than ever before. The Trinity Pro transforms drone capabilities, while remaining easy to operate and simple to integrate into existing workflows. 

With minimal downtime and low maintenance requirements, the Trinity Pro positions itself as the easiest to use, and highest performance fixed wing/VTOL drone on the market today. 


The Trinity Pro. Image: supplied.

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Focusing on hardware-software synthesis 

The Trinity Pro is an advanced unmanned aerial system (UAS) designed to adapt to changing demands, provide additional connectivity and accelerate decision-making. At the heart of Trinity Pro is the Quantum-Skynode autopilot, utilising a Linux mission computer. This provides additional onboard computing power, increased internal storage, versatility and seamless interoperability. These advanced avionics systems enable AI-readiness for the platform, support for downstream integration of next-generation sensors and provide cutting-edge safety features during field operations. 

Included in the Trinity Pro system is Quantum-Systems’ proprietary operations software, QBase 3D, and an ever-expanding portfolio of industry workflow and software integrations, which eliminate complex mission setup processes and maximize ROI in terms of cost and time efficiency. 

The Trinity Pro’s new capabilities include planning functions for missions requiring take-off and landing at different locations, allowing for efficient and safe long corridor flights and BVLOS operations. The platform also incorporates advanced self-diagnostics to ensure smooth and safe operation. 

Trinity Pro launches alongside a new customer portal, an online solution for managing individual drones and fleets, training and support activities. Users can easily access support, training materials, documentation and online courses to enhance their skills and earn certifications. 


The Trinity Pro. Image: supplied.

Image: supplied.

Technical advancements 

Trinity Pro now includes an enhanced terrain-following system, which significantly improves safety during operations. Additionally, improvements to trigger point calculations results in improved image overlap and higher data quality. Trinity Pro also features automatic wind simulation for crash avoidance in bad weather and a linear approach for landing. 

Furthermore, Trinity Pro is equipped with a downfacing LiDAR scanner that provides highly accurate ground avoidance and landing control. The system features USB-C ports for faster data transfer. Trinity Pro is protected against dust and water damage and features increased wind limits of up to 14 m/s in cruise mode (handling gusts up to 18m/s) and 11 m/s during hover. 

“Hundreds of customers across various industries, including mapping, surveying, forestry, utilities and construction, rely on the Trinity platform in their daily operations. The new capabilities of Trinity Pro make it even easier for professionals to expedite data collection and management, operations, and ultimately improve decision making. Through an enhanced user experience and a streamlined integration of future technologies, we are building on the success of the Trinity platform to help customers take advantage of aerial intelligence at scale,” said Florian Seibel, CEO of Quantum-Systems GmbH. 


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Built on the legacy of the Trinity F90+ UAS 

The Trinity UAS (launched in 2017) was designed to streamline the complex process of collecting aerial data. Since then, the Trinity platform has continued to improve in its performance and functionality, and additional features have been introduced to make the technology even more accessible and usable for daily operations. 

With drone adoption continuing to rise, worldwide customers are utilising the Trinity platform to gather more aerial data than ever before to optimise their business processes. The platform has already accumulated over 75,000 flight hours and continues to innovate in response to the increasing demand for automation, data quality and safety assurance. 

This announcement builds upon Trinity’s established success in supporting professionals across various industries, and it introduces novel solutions to meet even the most demanding requirements of commercial users. 

For more information about Position Partners, visit or call 1300 867 266. 


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