The Australian avocado industry is set to increase their exports to Japan this year.

Already a booming agricultural sector, the avocado industry has set its sights on becoming an internationally respected producer, and trade with Japan may achieve just that.

According to John Tyas, CEO of Avocados Australia, the aim is to increase export volume year-on-year.

“Japan is the largest avocado market in Asia, and it has lots of growth potential for us,” says John.

“Australian avocados were very well received in Japan last year and our exporters made substantial inroads into developing partnerships with Japanese importers.”

“Despite a lighter crop in Western Australia this year, we are expecting a three-fold increase in the quantity of avocados that will be exported to Japan.”

Not only are avocados in high demand across the country, but now new programs could see an increase in the global appetite too. 



How will it work?

In order to promote Australian avocados in Japan, the industry is taking several fundamental steps. This includes increased promotions to Japanese shoppers through the introduction of a brand new marketing campaign.

The campaign was instituted in September, and will continue to the end of November. It focuses on utilising social media and in-store promotions to establish the importance of Australian avocados to Japanese consumers.

“This is all part of a long-term strategy to grow our exports and support the Australian avocado industry,” says John. And, by the looks of things, the campaign is already having success. 

This focus on exports comes after a surge in production over the last few years. Between 2021-2022, Australian avocado production increased by 120,000t. This number is expected to reach 170,000r by 2026. And with so much produce, increasing trade is the perfect way to support a growing industry. This is the main focus of Avocados Australia, who hope to cement a lasting legacy for this country’s resources. 



Why Avocado’s Australia?

The focus on exports has been spearheaded by Avocados Australia, the representative body for the Australian avocado industry. Their membership receives a range of services to help grow and develop their farms, as well as educational and resource support. 

The organisation is not-for-profit, and their membership consists of avocado growers, businesses, and industry people. Their vision is to foster a globally competitive avocado industry, and become a leading sustainable producer. 


australian avocados


What’s next?

With production and trade only increasing, the industry has begun looking to the future.

According to Trevor Bendottie from Bendotti Avocado, “we have been trading with Japan for a number of years and have built a solid foundation with them.”

This speaks to a partnership which is proving to be innumerable beneficial for all parties involved. Over the coming years, Avocados Australia plans to participate in trade events all across Japan, including major opportunities such as FOODEX JAPAN. They have also been utilising the Western Australia trade office in Japan to grow their market and demand.

According to importers, Australian avocados have been arriving in great condition, ensuring Jaan is provided with the best produce possible.

Noel Shield from Farmind says “from the internal quality of the fruit received, Australian avocados have better internals than Chile and Peru.”

“The fruit is excellent for both retail and food service.”

Clearly, the Australian avocado industry is on the rise, and this new focus on trade can only help to establish our avocados on the international stage.

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