Boost Juice, Finance Apps and Enterprise Outsourcing have agreed to partner to enable Boost’s international expansion.


The partnership

Finance Apps and Enterprise Outsourcing announced this week that they have entered a strategic partnership with Boost Juice. Back in 2000, three completely different companies started their journey to success in their chosen fields. One was in the healthy juice and smoothie retail space; another was in procurement and inventory management; and the third in information technology. All companies have two things in common: passion and customer-first thinking. Today, they come together in partnership to continue their success in an ever-changing, fast-paced environment. This is where the innovative, tasty and health-focused Boost Juice meets Enterprise Outsourcing and specialised Finance Apps procurement software.



This partnership will simplify and enhance daily business operations for selected Boost Juice international locations, bolstering their competitive advantage and innovative products in international markets. Finance Apps is a specialised mobile digital procurement and inventory management software solution that targets the restaurant and hospitality industry, and Enterprise Outsourcing is a global leader in technology that provides an innovative and secure technology platform for any business.

These two companies have come together to provide Boost with a tailored procurement and inventory management application and a secure, innovative platform for the implementation of the latest technology. This will enhance operations and streamline processes, as well as offer 24/7 support to prevent any downtime globally.



International expansion

Boost is now one of the largest juice and smoothie brands in the world with over 600 stores across 14 countries and a simple vision of making sure every customer leaves a Boost Juice bar feeling just that little bit better. Finance Apps has been intuitively developed to consolidate all procurement and inventory processes with any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. The application is easy to use and access with comprehensive integrations for accuracy. It also provides holistic procurement capabilities on a global scale.

Callum Mackay, Head of International Business at Boost Juice, mentioned, “We are thrilled to announce this innovative partnership with Enterprise Outsourcing and Finance Apps. This partnership allows our international network to securely enter the digital age with the latest technology providing a customised procurement and inventory solution for our Master Franchise partners around the world. The solution will directly streamline our stores’ procurement and stock take processes which ultimately saves time and decrease costs via detailed reporting functionality.”

Schalk van der Merwe, CEO of Finance Apps adds, “We have implemented our unique procurement application which enables each Boost Juice store to manage their procurement needs in a secure centralised location. Through user-friendly technology, they will be able to manage their inventory accurately and efficiently.”

Enterprise Outsourcing’s cost-effective solutions enable a competitive advantage with seamless operations. Through continuous evolvement of their service offerings that are in line with customer requirements and market demands, they deliver unique IT solutions and online services that are innovative and cost-effective.

“We have integrated and implemented state-of-the-art technology tools, as well as set up support portals that are 24/7 available to assist each Boost Juice store. Our skilled technicians are available to prevent any downtime on a global scale,” says Sascha Joubert, COO of Enterprise Outsourcing.


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