World Environment Day is a celebration of climate action, encouraging individuals around the globe to fight for the future of our planet.

Held on June 5 every year, World Environment Day is an important program that emphasizes the critical need to protect our natural world. It’s a way of encouraging change in all communities and emphasizing the ways that individuals can do their part to protect our planet.

With this year’s event just around the corner, we’ve put together a list of ways for Aussies to participate in this global movement, encouraging a healthier, greener world.



About the event

World Environment Day is a United Nations initiative celebrated by over 150 countries every year, making it the largest global event focused on environmental outreach.

It was created as a way to encourage conversations around sustainability on a wider scale and promote environmental outreach in local and global communities. Since its beginning in 1973, World Environment Day has served as a platform for environmental public outreach, highlighting the power of people when we work together.

This year’s theme is ‘solutions to plastic pollution’, a reminder that taking action towards reducing plastic waste is one of the best ways to protect our environment. World Environment Day seeks to encourage governments and businesses to focus on reducing plastic pollution, and expose how every individual is responsible for keeping our world clean and green.



Problems with plastic pollution

Each year, more than 400 million tonnes of plastic is produced globally, half of which will only be used once, before being dumped into our oceans and other natural areas.

In Australia, it’s estimated that three-quarters of the rubbish found along our coastline is plastic, most of which comes from our shores. If that wasn’t bad enough, plastic waste has been ingested by approximately one-third of all turtles, and half of all seabirds.

Clearly, plastic pollution is a major issue, affecting not just the planet, but its inhabitants as well. Similarly, the energy it takes to produce these plastic products contributes to carbon emission levels and encourages continued climate change.



Getting involved

Plastic waste is a problem that only continues to grow, devastating biodiversity and polluting the ecosystem. Luckily, there are many ways for you to get involved and make a difference this World Environment Day.

Join a local Landcare group – There are so many community organisations already dedicated to climate action in Australia. By using the National Landcare Directory, you can find environmental groups in your area, and meet like-minded people while you work together to raise awareness.

Ditch the plastic – This year is all about reducing plastic waste, meaning there is no better way to show your support than by going plastic-free. Whether this means finding reusable packaging for your kid’s lunches, or saying no to plastic grocery bags, there are plenty of ways to make small changes in your day-to-day life.

Educate yourself – There are so many wonderful online resources where you can learn more about environmental challenges and the impacts of plastic pollution. In fact, a practical guide for beating plastic pollution can be found on the World Environment Day website, containing useful tips for engaging with this important issue and solving the plastic pollution problem.

Participate in a community event – Across the country, several organizations are already advertising World Environment Day events that you can join. This includes walks in local green spaces to pick up litter, and bake sales to raise money for environmental charities. Or, why not start your own event? Bringing together friends and family to clean up your local beach or park is a great way to get active and stay social while also making a difference.

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