An Aussie mum has been awarded for her start-up producing disability-friendly products.

The Source Kids Disability Expo was held at the ICC Sydney International Convention Centre this year. The innovation award, one of the most coveted prizes of the expo, was awarded to Brisbane mum and special needs teacher, Dimitra Daveas, for her innovative and groundbreaking start-up ‘MyBurrow’.

Thanks to the award, Dimitra will have more opportunities to expand her business, reaching Aussies with disabilities around the country who can benefit from her product.



Source Kids

There are almost 850,000 people in Australia under the age of 25 with a disability, and Source Kids is the publication delivering the latest information around disability to these children and their families in a positive and engaging way, ensuring knowledge is always easy to access and understand.

The Source Kids Disability Expo is an extension of this important desire. Over two days, it brings together the country’s top disability products and service providers, connecting them with families, professionals, and people with disabilities. It’s a great way to find and test new products, talk to experts, and meet new people.

The innovation award is awarded to a company or individual making strides in technology and products designed for people with disability. And it is clear that Dimitra is a worthy recipient.


Dimitra receiving her innovation award


Inspiring ideas

Dimitra was inspired to start MyBurrow after noticing the way occupational therapy tools can support learning in clinical settings. She realised that while these tools were incredibly useful, they were only accessible in certain venues, limiting access for everyday Australians.

“I realised that there was a gap in the ability to transfer the teaching and learning from a clinical situation into a classroom situation,” says Dimitra.

Having worked as a teacher for over 20 years, she has always prioritized the health of her children and their families. And MyBurrow is designed to do just that.


Myburrow at the Source Kids expo


Powerful product

Primarily, MyBurrow is designed for children and adults struggling with self-regulation, anxiety and sensory stimulation. It also has applications for those with social or communication issues, delayed motor skills, or trouble with concentration.

This ‘stretchy safe space’ is intended to be used in everyday settings. The burrow is a safe and transportable tool that users can crawl and climb through to practice bilateral coordination, core body strength, social and motor skills, and more.

In order to ensure it is usable for everyone, MyBurrow comes in multiple sizes and features quick-release safety features to protect kids. It is designed to be easily storable and transferable, and is made from a tough material to withstand wear and tear.

As well as offering this safe and calming product, MyBurrow has also produced free resources which are available on their website. This includes everything from behavior guides, lesson plans, and sample support plans.

The innovation award is a reflection of MyBurrow’s unique approach to learning and development. It has been a great success in Australia so far, and Dimitra and her team will continue to work with families across the country to ensure children with disabilities receive the support they need.

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