NiMera is the new infant formula supporting infants day and night.

Recently launched by Australian Foods, it’s already being stocked in 200 pharmacies across the country. The revolutionary baby formula offers two different recipes for day and night, providing more holistic support for infants and promoting healthy growth. 

“We are incredibly buoyed by the support we’ve received from pharmacies across the country. Reaching 200 stores is a significant achievement for a new brand breaking into the infant formula market with so many established brands with a stronghold on the category,” says Australian Foods Co-Founder George Lytas. Already, NiMera seems to be making waves in the formula industry, and it’s not hard to see why. 



What is NiMera?

NiMera is the formula designed to provide infants with the right nutrients at the right time. It has been tested to mirror human milk, which changes its properties within a 24-hour period. 

According to George, Australian Foods wanted to fill a gap in the market, offering a product which seeks to be as similar to human milk as possible.

“When working with medical experts, nutritionists, and researchers, we learned that human milk alters its composition depending on the time of day. These important changes promote growth and energy during the day and support sleep at night, so we wanted to create a product that sought to support those needs.”



The science

Human milk is a type of chrononutrition, which provides important time-of-day information to an infant. While cow milk is static, remaining the same whenever it’s consumed, human milk contains higher amounts of cortisol and amino acids during the day, which promote alertness. The milk produced at night, however, has greater levels of melatonin and tryptophan to support sleep, digestion, and cell restoration

Recent studies have shown that tryptophan significantly improves infants’ sleep cycles, making it an important addition to any baby formula. NiMera’s night formula includes high levels of Alpha lactalbumin, a protein full of tryptophan, to help ensure proper sleep. Their day formula has a lower concentration of tryptophan, balancing out the sleep schedule and closely following the nutrients released by human milk for more accurate support. 



Why choose NiMera?

“Ask any new parent: getting their baby’s sleep ‘right’ is a high priority when it comes to adjusting to the significant changes that come with parenthood. Developing a positive sleep routine is not just essential for the baby, but for parents as well,” says George.

“Many parents may need to turn to infant formula at some point but are often using the same formula around the clock. NiMera Night formula aims to support sleep and will hopefully set babies and parents up for a positive sleep routine.”

Along with promoting better sleep, NiMera’s formulas include complete profiles for a healthy balance of nutrients. Essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6 have been included to support long-term health, immune system and lung function. Similarly, choline has been added for brain development, and OPO for bone strength and intestinal health. 

“We believe our research-backed, circadian rhythm-designed formulas make NiMera the best choice for formula-fed babies,” George adds. 

When using NiMera, the day formula is recommended between 6am and 6pm, while the night formula is for use between 6pm and 6am. For parents hoping to improve their baby’s sleep, and their own, it’s hard to look any further than NiMera. While still a new product, it’s already proving to be a positive addition to the infant formula market.

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