Rex has been named the number one airline in Australia for reliability and punctuality.

According to a report from the Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics (BITRE), Rex airlines was the most reliable airline in the country for 2023.

According to BITRE, Rex scheduled 5,500 flights during December last year, and cancelled only 0.6 percent of them. In contrast, the cancellation rate for Qantas was 700 percent higher, and Virgin Group’s cancellation rate was 1,250 percent higher.

Similarly, Rex scored well for on-time departures, achieving 74 percent overall, followed by Quantas at 67 percent and Virgin at 57 percent.


Rex Airlines Boeing 737


Eyes on the skies  

The December results are reflective of year-long trends, which highlight the overall reliability and excellence of Rex airlines.

According to Deputy Chairman, the Hon John Sharp AM, “to maintain such high reliability rates is no mean feat, especially in the continued challenging environment still plaguing the aviation industry through 2023.”

“Rex always does the right thing by its passengers unlike both Qantas and Virgin Australia. For example, one of the main contributing factors for the shocking cancellation rates of both of them is the deliberate scheduling of flights they never intend to fly in and out of Sydney in order to squat on the slots. They then simply cancel them at the last minute to game the slots system, callously ignoring the pain and suffering caused to hundreds of thousands of passengers every year.”


Rex Saab 340 aircraft


Reaching new heights

Rex currently operates a fleet of 8 Saab 340 and 10 Boeing 737 aircraft, taking passengers between 56 destinations consisting of major hubs and rural ports.

The Rex tagline, ‘Our Heart is in the Country’, highlights the company’s roots within the bush and regional Australia. Since its establishment, Rex has been dedicated to providing a quality air service between regional and capital destinations at a reasonable price. 

In the value statement, Rex states it is “mindful of the tremendous social and economic impact its services have on regional communities and works in partnership with these communities to balance their needs against our commercial imperatives.”

According to Mr Sharp, this mission resonates with passengers, who can see the value of flying with a reliable airline. 

“The numbers speak for themselves,” he concludes. 

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