The smartphone has emerged as a critical business tool for farmers, providing much more than just a mere convenience.

As time management continues to be a pressing concern, the ability to accomplish work, keep tabs on market trends, stay updated on weather forecasts, communicate with staff and family, as well as respond to messages can significantly enhance the efficacy of farm operations. Moreover, with the increasing integration of sensors and remote telemetry into farming, smartphones have become virtually indispensable.

Although taking some time off to reflect is essential, it is preferable to do so voluntarily rather than due to inadequate phone reception at a critical juncture.


The Telstra GO Repeater maximises mobile signal in areas of low coverage. Image: supplied.


The solution

A Telstra Go Repeater (T GO) can help solve reception issues in low reception areas. It’s a sophisticated mobile signal amplification device that operates on Telstra’s cutting-edge 3G*, 4G, and 4GX networks. It functions by receiving mobile signals through an external antenna and then enhancing and re-transmitting them to a single indoor or in-vehicle antenna, providing improved signal strength and quality.

Key features of the Telstra GO Repeater include maximising mobile signal in areas of low coverage to provide useful coverage when stationary. The device is certified and approved for use by Telstra Engineering and the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). It is flexible and comes in both stationary and mobile models, with a range of antenna bundles available to match particular use cases. Professional installation services are recommended and can be ordered online for stationary models.

The Telstra GO Repeater extends voice and data usage to places that were previously difficult to reach. It can improve call experiences by reducing the number of call drops or missed calls.


Smartphones have become a virtually indispensable part of farming. Image: supplied.


On the go with the Telstra GO Repeater

The Telstra GO Repeater is available in two variations to suit specific requirements. The stationary version is designed for coverage solutions in residential and commercial settings, while the mobile version is intended for in-vehicle, fleet, and transportation applications.

If you are in a low coverage area, the stationary version can help keep your premises connected, establishing an area of enhanced connectivity around a particular building. It can help improve your voice and video calls and help smart devices communicate with each other on your premises.


The mobile version can be installed on a tractor or utility vehicle and will help you remain in contact in low-connectivity areas on your farm. Image: supplied.


The mobile version can be installed on a tractor or utility vehicle and will help you remain in contact with your team and family members while in low-connectivity areas on your farm. Perfectly suited for larger properties, the Telstra Go Mobile Repeater can improve the quality of your call and potentially help save your handset’s battery.

Telstra has always taken rural reception seriously and has introduced the Telstra GO Repeater system to help you connect as the smartphone transforms agribusiness.


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