All around us, technology is helping Aussie industries to simplify their processes, including in the farming and agricultural sectors. 

For these businesses, embracing this digital age is leading to greater connection and expansion, resulting in amazing opportunities. We’ve put together a list of three excellent farming apps designed to help Australian growers improve the efficiency and capability of their agricultural businesses. 


farming apps


Farm Simple 

Farm Simple is an app designed by growers in Croppa Creek, NSW, who understand the day-to-day challenges of the industry. After unsuccessfully searching for an app that could help them manage their businesses, they decided to create their own. Now, Farm Simple is the convenient program helping farmers to keep track of their business as a whole, as well as the smaller everyday tasks.

The software facilitates all farm management, reducing the need for paperwork. Primarily, it helps growers log their activity, whether by keeping track of each silo and its storage capability, or recording sprays. Up-to-date weather reports mean farmers can predict the best times for planting and harvesting, which can be recorded on the app as well.

Another benefit of the software is the ability for team collaboration. With timesheets, each team member can upload their hours, making payroll quick and easy.

Farm Simple is also designed with offline access, so areas with poor cell reception can still benefit from a majority of its features. 




Electronic National Vendor Declaration (eNVD) is designed to make livestock consignments quick and simple, with tools for everyone from producers, transporters, processors, and sellers. 

Consignment refers to the process of turning over produce to another individual for sale and often involves several different parties who all require access to the same information. eNVD is the tool facilitating the convenient transfer of data between each group using QR codes, meaning it works even without internet. This reduces errors and ensures strong communication between teams. Growers simply provide the QR code to transporters, allowing the quick transfer of all necessary information to their phone, a process which is then repeated every time a new team becomes involved in the consignment. For regular consignments, templates offer flexibility and save time for producers, as all paperwork is in one place for everyone to access. 

By clicking onto the app, each individual working on the consignment can find all the information they need, without having to carry unnecessary documents which could be lost or damaged. Livestock consignments have never been easier or more efficient. 


farming apps


Back Paddock 

Back Paddock was designed to be a helping hand in the field from pre-season planning to post-season reflection. 

Primarily, it allows Aussie farmers to keep track of their fields and log their daily activities. The app provides a map of the farm, with the ability to keep diary notes for each field, as well as tracking spray recommendations and weather conditions. Farmers can also take photos or videos of fields to record conditions and monitor changes over time. This makes organising work for the growing season much more convenient, and allows businesses to keep track of all activity on the farm.

Back Paddock also works without cell service, storing all data until users are back on wifi. It reduces the need for unnecessary paperwork, and ensures all information is kept conveniently in a single place. 

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