In our community, there’s a simple but powerful belief that drives us: small acts of kindness can make a big difference.

Charity stands as a testament to this principle, working quietly but persistently to bring about change for those in need. This article aims to shed light on the twelve charitable initiatives of 2023 and their work.

Wanta Aboriginal Corporation

Wanta Aboriginal Corporation, founded in 2015 in Central Australia, empowers Indigenous youth through the Wanta Academy program in eight communities. It aims to close the educational gap by promoting school attendance and integrating sports, cultural activities, and vocational education. With focuses on cultural engagement, local employment, arts, and well-being, Wanta fosters learning and skill development. Additionally, it supports school attendance in Yuendumu, Ntaria, and Papunya through the RSAS program, enhancing educational outcomes.

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Revolve ReCYCLING 

Charitable Initiative

Revolve ReCYCLING, launched in 2021, focuses on sustainable solutions for used bicycles, preventing waste by refurbishing over 6,000 bikes and reducing emissions significantly. It collaborates with bike shops and communities to recycle bikes and supports disadvantaged individuals through repair training. Its partnership with Wanta Aboriginal Corporation delivers bikes to Indigenous children, promoting environmental sustainability and social inclusion.

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Charitable Initiative

SisterWorks is a vital charity that empowers women who are migrants, refugees, or asylum seekers in Australia by offering them opportunities for economic independence and social integration. Through its Empowerment Hubs, SisterWorks provides hands-on training in various fields, helping these women to develop marketable skills. The initiative also includes a Craft Cafe, where women can gain real-world experience in hospitality. This charity has made a significant impact, supporting over 2,000 women from more than 105 countries, by creating a nurturing environment that fosters confidence and community.

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School Project

The School Project, initiated by the National Homeless Collective, focuses on supporting children affected by domestic violence. It recognizes the critical role of education in providing a pathway out of adversity and has been instrumental in distributing over 1,000 backpacks filled with essential school supplies. This effort ensures that children facing challenging circumstances can continue their education with dignity, equipped with the tools they need to succeed in the classroom.

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Charitable Initiative

Twenty10 offers a lifeline to LGBTQIA+ youth in New South Wales by providing crucial services such as housing assistance, education, and employment support. This charity creates a welcoming and safe community space where queer youth can find acceptance, support, and opportunities to thrive. Through innovative programs like OutWest, Twenty10 also educates businesses and schools on inclusivity, promoting understanding and acceptance for LGBTQIA+ individuals in broader society.

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Stay Afloat

The “Stay Afloat” program, launched with a $1.5 million pilot in 2019, targets mental health support for Australian fishers, a community facing unique pressures. It offers mental health training for advocates, industry leaders, and Community Resilience Grants to enhance support networks. With additional funding, it now includes nationwide mental health first aid courses, aiming to destigmatize mental health issues and improve resource access for fishers.

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Lighthouse Foundation

Charitable Initiative

Natio, a renowned skincare brand, has partnered with the Lighthouse Foundation to support youth homelessness. The Lighthouse Foundation has been dedicated for over 31 years to providing shelter and care to young Victorians facing homelessness or at risk. Their approach includes creating Lighthouse Homes for vulnerable youth, offering them a stable environment with therapeutic care. Natio’s partnership, through its new children’s skincare range, aims to raise awareness and support for this cause, with proceeds aiding the foundation’s mission to end youth homelessness, showcasing a commitment to social change and community support.

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On My Feet

Charitable Initiative

On My Feet engages homeless individuals in a journey toward self-sufficiency, combining physical activity with education and employment opportunities. Through the sale of socks, it funds programs that not only improve participants’ health and wellbeing but also equip them with vital job skills.

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TABOO aims to eradicate period poverty through the sale of organic period products, channeling profits into educational and empowerment projects for women and girls overseas and providing sanitary products to Australians in need, promoting health and equality.

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Edmund Rice Camps

Edmund Rice Camps provides mentoring and support for young people dealing with adversity. By organizing camps, the charity offers a nurturing environment for personal development, enhancing social skills, and building confidence among participants.

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Backpack Bed

Backpack Bed for Homeless, founded by Tony Clark in 2007, aims to aid homeless people in Australia by providing them with innovative Backpack Beds. These beds are water and windproof, doubling as a backpack, and have been distributed to over 36,000 homeless individuals across the country. The charity collaborates with over 800 homeless agencies to offer mental health support, emergency shelter, and outreach programs. 

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The Heart Foundation

The Heart Foundation, during Heart Week, emphasizes the importance of cardiovascular health, advocating for Australians to engage in heart health checks and utilize tools like the Heart Age calculator. It encourages managing blood pressure and adopting healthy lifestyles, including regular exercise and a balanced diet, to enhance overall well-being. Recognized for its efforts to spread awareness, the foundation’s initiatives are crucial for preventing heart disease and promoting mental and physical health. 

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